nice-summer2012 303Marc Quinn, “The Littoral Zone” (May 12 – October 15, 2012)

nice-summer2012 329The Oceanographic Museum was founded by Prince Albert I of Monaco. According to Robert Calcagno, CEO of the Oceanographic Institute, the museum opens its doors to modern art to create a dialogue between works of art, museum collections and the aquarium, and to discover treasures from a new angle.

The exhibition “The Littoral Zone” features works by Marc Quinn, a London artist. His works can be found in many museums and private collections worldwide, including the Tate, MoMa, the British Museum, Fondazione Prada and Pinchuk Art Centre.

“The littoral zone, where the sea meets the shore, is where life on earth begins and ends; it is the location of origins, where chaos solidifies into form, where travel starts and concludes, a point of departure and a place of arrival; it is a space of fusion and of separation, where we try – and often fail – to distinguish nature from culture. And as a direct consequence, this is a space where creativity is at its most extreme and profound.” Jerry Brotton

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