20140322 154506The 27th edition of the Maastricht Art and Antiques Fair finished on March 23, 2014. As usual, it was a great success and lived up to the expectations of being the leading art fair in the world.

If you are a newcomer to the fair, it is easy to find yourself  overwhelmed with all the beautiful exhibits and the wealth of things to look at and admire. Seeing a Renoir or a Picasso at the museum is one thing but having them displayed up for sale is another. It feels almost surreal that a masterpiece that you are looking at is actually a real thing and not a copy, and you can theoretically buy it.  The galleries at the fair represent major world cities – London, Paris, New York, Toronto, Vienna, Brussels, etc. According to the insiders, these galleries are like members of the club. It is hard to get in since all the spaces have been taken, and there are no plans to make the fair bigger. The  fair is well designed and well managed. There are plenty of places to sit down and relax. The hallways are decorated with vases with fresh tulips, and free water stations are set up all over the floor. Champagne and oyster bars are a neat way to relax for a moment before plunging yourself in art again, while on-site restaurants and cafes allow one to stay at the fair all day without feeling uncomfortable. In a word, it was a world-class event , and very enjoyable at that.